93FEETOFSMOKE’s new single “conversations” is deeply relatable

93FEETOFSMOKE tackles doubt, intrusive thoughts and negative self-talk in his new single “conversations”. Released via Photo Finish Records, the track is the latest single off of his upcoming full-length SUCKER.

With “conversations” 93FEETOFSMOKE confides his difficulties with self doubt and painful critical thoughts. Lyrics including, “Lately I have been feeling it all / It is overwhelming / My ego is selling me short / It’s harder to forget it / when I’m the one who said it,” show just how deep emotional upheavals can run and how disheartening our own thoughts can become. Musically, “conversations” is an explosive pop punk dipped rock affair complete with penetrating power chords, reverb drenched guitars and a soaring unforgettable chorus. 93FEETOFSMOKE effortlessly blends hard rock, pop, punk and emo for a hard-hitting intoxicating musical journey.

93FEETOFSMOKE was born in Virginia and now resides in sunny Los Angeles. The singer/songwriter and producer is known for his passionate releases and thrilling live shows. Partnering with Erik Ron (Set It Off, Taylor Swift), his latest release is one of his strongest songs to date. Take a listen to “conversations” now and remember you are not alone with your painful thoughts.

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