99 Neighbors' "49er" is a hazy summer visual to behold [Video]

Much like Ben & Jerry's, rising Vermont rap collective 99 Neighbors is capable of delivering diverse flavors and disparate flows that all seem to hit the mark, no matter how offbeat they seem.   This combination of fruitful lyricism and stunning artistic direction help them stand out as one of the hottest new school alt-rap acts in the game. 

Consisting of HANKNATIVE, Swank, Aidan Ostby, Sam Paulino, Somba, Juju, and Jared Fier, the group was formed after several members met in high school in South Burlington, Vermont.  After releasing their debut album Television in 2019, the group inked a deal with Pat Corcoran's Nice Work imprint and haven't looked back since.  Their newest offering "49er" is a kickback song that is head-noddingly catchy and relaxed.  With simplistic guitar and drums aiding the track, each vocalist brings a distinct energy that keeps the song feeling fresh throughout its runtime.  It's nearly impossible to mention any hip-hop collective these days without throwing in at least one lazy comparison to Brockhampton, but the group does enough to separate themselves as a wholly distinct entity with fleshed-out creative direction and music that doesn't try to be overly poppy.  

A rap collective, just like a sports team, is only as strong as its weakest link.  Lucky for 99 Neighbors, they lack any weak links and boast talented creatives across the board.  Gearing up to release their forthcoming sophomore album Wherever You're Going I Hope It's Great via Nice Work/Warner Records, "49er" serves as a very accessible cut to signal new fans to hop on the bandwagon now.  

Check out our livestream with the group here.

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