[Premiere] Chloe Star captures strength and resilience on “Wasted Youth”

Rising indigenous singer, songwriter, visual artist and tribal advocate Chloe Star captures strength and resilience on anthemic offering “Wasted Youth,” building on gritty rock and infectious pop sensibilities, framed by roaring guitars, pounding drums, and passionate vocal delivery. Energised and captivating, the high-energy production bursts into fierce chorus chants to pull us in with confident and ease.

Speaking of the track, Star says, ”The process of writing Wasted Youth was definitely a vulnerable session. I finally felt like I was able to share/talk about this experience on a bigger scale. The song is about how I was “gooned” at 16 and taken to a wilderness treatment program for 3 months.”

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With deeply intimate songwriting that weaves a vivid narrative, the track is crafted to connect with anyone who tunes in, tapping into her signature honest and raw approach. Powerful but emotive, as it moves towards closure for Star, the track is elevated by cinematic and cathartic visuals.

Having found solace in poetry and later music in her childhood, Star who made her introduction in 2023 has quickly earned attention as she build towards greater heights with her debut EP in the works.

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