AIRPORTS mourns a loss in “NEED U HERE”

Brisbane-based artist AIRPORTS has just dropped his latest single, “NEED U HERE,” taking us on a journey of self-awareness, as he overcomes battles such as loss and the emotions that come with it. Aaron Lee, the singer, writer, and Platinum producer behind AIRPORTS, brings together the worlds of punk, EDM and drum n bass to deliver his very real and raw story, as he highlights the pain of losing someone special, but also losing your true-self. 

Speaking about the genre-fluid track, Lee shares, “Musically, I’ve always loved bands like Pendulum and how they blended rock with drum n bass. I’m more of a pop punk singer and have wanted to play with the idea of that over drum n bass in a similar but fresh vein.” “NEED U HERE” is both fresh and nostalgic, with Lee’s pop punk vocals perfectly complementing the driving beat of the drum n bass.

The Australian artist is known for his personal and honest lyrics, with his music often touching on his life experiences and living with life threatening illnesses. It’s his vulnerability that allows him to connect with his listeners, as he continues to carve out his own sound and legacy.

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