Ak2daface releases Valentines EP just for ‘Her’

Based in New York City, Ak2daface is a rapper and business owner with a knack for creativity and a desire to build an Asian-American creative collective. The 27-year-old artist has been paving his own way into the Asian rap scene, putting himself on the cities radar and networking across the industry. Despite only a few years of experience under his belt, Ak2daface has already earned an impressive lineup of headline performances at some of the city’s most renowned establishments. From SOB’s NYC to Slate NYC, Mission, Highbar, and SNS Bar, he has left his mark on the Big Apple’s nightlife scene. But he’s making moves on all platforms, not just local clubs – a fact that is proven by his latest project, a 6-track EP titled “Her”.

When it comes to his latest record, Ak2daface is pushing the boundaries of his own artistry by experimenting with a fresh sound that’s different from what his fans are used to. And what better time to drop this creative effort than on Valentine’s Day? Through “HER”, he takes us on a journey of personal experiences that have shaped his perspective on love and relationships, with the album’s namesake representing a special memory only known to the listener. In a world that often feels chaotic and unpredictable, “HER” serves as a much-needed escape to a time when love made everything else fall into place. Ak2daface seamlessly blends melodic rap with R&B elements to explore the connection between two people finding themselves and each other, incorporating themes of romance, clubbing, and passion along the way.

As an artist, Ak2daface deftly navigates the ups and downs of the industry while still finding time to stop and smell the roses. With “HER”, he showcases his unique ability to fuse Korean-American rap with a distinct Drill sound and flow, creating a musical identity that’s all his own. And with seven projects under his belt, he’s building a catalog of back-to-back bangers that will keep any club bouncing.

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