Allstar JR releases a little "Sumthin" from his new mixtape 'Get A Bag Or Go Home 3' [Video]

Detroit's own Allstar JR releases a new visual titled "Sumthin," giving us two minutes and five seconds of pure heat, delivering an impeccable flow over a fiery production. 

Sumthin is just one of the tracks from his new mixtape series Get A Bag Or Go Home, a tape that has eruptive lyricism through every single track, particularly "OCD" and "Ice Bag." Every single track tops the other with the volcanic wordplay that leaves us constantly wanting more. "Sumthin" is no different. Using metaphorical words with a clever twist, Allstar JR is not afraid to once again deliver lyricism with an aggressive yet smooth tone. With precision and intelligence, Allstar brilliantly pieces every single syllable and word together, delivering his message of struggle to riches. Rhyming words as he goes bar for bar, we see Allstar JR celebrating reaching the top as he demonstrates the excellence in his talent and the genius in his pen. Allstar JR chose the perfect beats to deliver his message, with the lo-fi sounds, heavy brass, the drums, and the repetition of all of the above creating a catchy tune that allows his aggressive delivery to give us motivation and raise our adrenaline. Press play if you want to get motivated and apply it to your own life. 
Don't forget to also play all of his mixtape, Get a Bag Or Go Home 3, if you want to feel the same energy throughout.
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