Alex Henry Foster unveils a delicate yet turbulent journey on “Under a Luxuriant Sky”

Canadian musician, author, producer, and composer Alex Henry Foster unveils a delicate yet turbulent journey toward self-acceptance on “Under a Luxuriant Sky,” weaving sorrow and hope in a gentle yet powerful anthem, taken from their new LP Kimiyo.

Rooted in the liberating and emotive core of the album, the track leads us away from the pressures around us into the comforting warmth of home. Teaming up with Japanese popstar Momoka, the transcendental spirit of the project shines through across each expressive note of the track. 

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Speaking of the LP, Foster says “I have always been looking for a pretext or an excuse to work with  She’s got a very unique spirit, and she’s a very inspiring and insightful person. We have a common view about life in general and spirituality in particular, but most of all, she is a fantastic artist for whom I have the utmost admiration. When it became obvious to me that I would be in no way capable of singing or speaking on the songs we had sketched, Momoka was in my opinion the only person able to transcend the project’s spirit.”

An introspective and ambient prog-rock project underscored by strong lyricism, the project showcases his multidisciplinary artistry, elevated by Momoka’s vibrant touch.

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