Alma Mater show compassion with “Mercy”

Oregon folk rock duo Alma Mater have just shared their second ever released single. Called “Mercy”, the track follows their emotive folk-dipped indie pop tune “Fading Moon”. Both singles are off of their highly anticipated debut album.

With “Mercy”, the duo have crafted a song all about empathy and how important it is to try and be understanding of others ‘ plight in life. Lyrics including, ” We all deserve it / but we never learn it / I can show you mercy one day at a time”, show just how difficult it is to always be kind but how important it is for us all to try. Sonically, “Mercy” thrills with delicate and moving acoustic guitar picking under soft Jackson Browne inspired vocals. Layered melodies and a soaring anthemic chorus entice with every note, making “Mercy” an important listen.

Alma Mater is composed of musicians and songwriters Dirk Sullivan and Andrew Paul Woodworth. Collaborating with producer by Gregg Williams (Sheryl Crow, The Dandy Warhols, Emmylou Harris), Alma Mater have created mesmerizing lush folk pop rock. The duo’s upcoming album The Beginning of Everything touches on important themes including family, loss, love and hope. Take a listen to “Mercy” now and remember to put your best foot forward and be kind to one another.

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