Boon's "Somebody Else" is vivid and honest

Nashville-based alt pop meets progressive rocktronic artist Boon just released his new single “Somebody Else.” As the rising artist continues to push the status quo conceptually and sonically for a new style of music to be born, the 18 year old music prodigy has already received many early accolades that recognize his unique ability to create music that defies all genres and formulas. Growing up in a music family and immersed in music culture from an early age, Boon’s pioneering ways and fresh outlook give listeners something to sink their teeth into while challenging the way things have always been done.

Boon’s latest single “Somebody Else” is an upbeat, pop-infused track with a dark twist. Written as a juxtaposition, it’s bright melody and flavorful instrumentation conceal the song’s heavier meaning. Boon confides, "I love the irony of having an anthem about being a horrible person and telling your significant other they could do better." Featuring experimental guitar riffs over heavy bass-dipped beats and soulful vocals dripping with a laid back feel, it’s a song that can be played over and over with each listen giving a different effect. His ability to find connections within a diverse range of sounds is amplified in the track, which makes it all the more interesting and thought-provoking for a truly unprecedented experience.

Boon is an artist on the rise that leads with his authenticity, raw conceptualism, and experimental poise. After releasing several successful singles, he continues to release innovative tracks that are confident yet still relatable. 

Check out Boon's new single "Somebody Else" and remember everything is not as it seems. 

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