Alt hip-hop JASMINEGOLD drop energetic rap track “Broadcast”

North Florida alternative hip-hop duo JASMINEGOLD delivers anthemic production “Broadcast,”  the first single from their forthcoming debut album Serpent. A formidable paired formed by David Nights and KJ play off each other with perfect rhythm on this old-school hip-hop offering built around a booming soundscape and ferocious rap flow.

Crafted to be an explosive and reverberant track that shakes up concerts and car speakers alike, the track comes to life as one that could be played on loop, with an impressive ability to keep us energized with each play.

Though they burst onto the hip-hop scene only last year, JASMINEGOLD have set themselves up as a force to be reckoned with, their first two singles “Crisis,” and “Conscious,” pushing them to stand out from the crowd with a winning combination of thoughtful lyricism and stylish hip-hop sonics.

Looking to keep the momentum of their rising career going, this latest track feeds our anticipation for what’s to come, leaving music lovers with a massive appetite for what JASMINEGOLD will whip up next.

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