Amy Correa Bell discusses the “First Time”

Eclectic singer/songwriter and performer Amy Correa Bell has just shared the highlight of her highly anticipated debut album Correa Bell. Entitled “First Time”, the emotive single showcases her vocal prowess and empowering songwriting ability and tackles themes including love, loss and life’s precious moments.

With “First Time”, Amy Correa Bell discusses the overall journey of life and love, the good, the bad, the transformative and the tragic. The song also delves into an intense romantic connection and trying to repair a relationship. Lyrics including, “still love you like the first time / the way you touch me / I can’t imagine my life without you ” showcases just how deep the relationship goes. Musically, “First Time” impresses with Amy’s unique vocals singing yearning melodies over colorful 80’s inspired beats. Funky basslines, kaleidoscopic soundscapes and infectious melodies enthrall with every note making for an impactful listen.

Amy Correa Bell is a genre fusing artist that creates a dynamic sonic whirlwind filled with elements of pop, dance, rock and more. In addition to being a musical artist, she is an actress, producer and model. Take a listen to “First Time” now and check out her full length album Correa Bell and enjoy it over the holidays.

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