Apex Zero returns with “Live Life (On Livity)”, feat. Elia-Naa & Micall Parknsun

UK rapper/ songwriter/ poet Apex Zero returns with “Live Life (On Livity)” which is the latest entry in his developing living visual album Drummer Warrior Storyteller. The record is a rousing and uplifting ode to seizing the day and living life to one’s true potential. Bolstered by legendary UK hip-hop producer Micall Parknsun‘s cinematic and urgent backdrop made up of lush organs, moody textures and punchy grooves, Apex Zero delivers the ultimate message of motivation with lines like “Live life till my life’s done till my life’s complete/ Only with me I compete“. The verses sure hit the nail on the head while the hook especially shows Apex’s skill as a lyricist, holding the same multi-syllable rhyme scheme for the whole section. The hook is also complemented by the soothing melodic runs from Ghanaian songstress Elia-Naa who accentuates the message with the mantra of manifesting one’s destiny with intentionality.

“Live Life (On Livity)” is part of the second film and EP released from Drummer Warrior Storyteller. The film and EP symbolize a significant change in the ideas and style expressed in the album’s first part, breaking from the often portrayed ‘struggling’ Black figure, aiming to express joy, love and aspirations to live and grow despite society’s obstacles. Drummer Warrior Storyteller (Part Two) celebrates life, honours Ancestors and The Most High, expressing gratitude and appreciation for existence and creation through the tracks ‘Seventh Dimension (On Perspective)’ featuring Malian Master Kora player and Griot Moussa Dembele, ‘You (On Love)’ also produced by Micall Parknsun, as well as the latest release.

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