Aryeè The Gem is a new voice ready to join R&B’s leading ladies

Rising R&B talent Aryeè The Gem, is a powerhouse who has captured the confidence of the genre with her alchemic musicality, with her blossoming career of just five singles already setting her on a blazing path of success.

Best captured in the commanding yet melodic feel of her standout single “To It,” Aryeè The Gem’s exceptional control of her music comes from the personal experience and deep emotions that drive her, leaving us immersed in a gentle maturity led by soulful vocals.

Reflecting on the life stories that transform into ethereal sonic tales, Aryeè remembers her non-traditional upbringing, raised by a cousin because her parents couldn’t care for her. She talks about “growing up without my siblings, dropping out of college, losing creative opportunities, depression, being broke and heartbroken,” adding, how “those instances allowed me the space to know what I did and didn’t want to experience in life.”

Vulnerable and hopeful all at once, Aryeè shines for her ability to embrace and celebrate her true self, aligning her passions with purpose. With success following her on recent single “Mornings With You,” she is also planning to release a full debut EP.

With the energy, heart, and musical skill it takes to grow, this promising act is on track for bigger things as she continues to push the limits of her own artistry while empowering others too.

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