Maddie Morris drops folk with powerful debut album, ‘Skin’

Maddie Morris, a BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Musician, released their debut studio album, “Skin,” on February 23rd, 2024. The album continues Maddie’s unconventional approach to folk music, which began with their initial studio EP, “Upstream.” Maddie’s music is not only a journey through melody but also a powerful tool for addressing contemporary issues.

As a socially conscious songwriter, Maddie creates narratives that transcend traditional storytelling, serving as catalysts for change. Recently commissioned by Rural Arts to explore LGBTQIA+ experiences through conventional music, Maddie has collaborated with Queer Folk, Esperance, and Trans Pride Brighton, showcasing a commitment to amplifying marginalized voices.

“Skin” is a masterfully crafted album that explores identity’s intimate, hopeful, and political dimensions. Produced by Pete Ord and recorded at The Studio at Sunbeams in Cumbria, the album boasts collaborations with exceptional artists such as Archie Churchill-Moss, Belinda O’hooley, Bryony Griffith, George Sansome, Janice Burns, Kath Ord, and Matt Downer. The poignant songwriting is enhanced by the extraordinary talents of musical luminaries like Belinda O’Hooley, Bryony Griffith, Archie Churchill-Moss, George Sansome, and Janice Burns.

Maddie’s writing emanates from hope rather than anger, exploring queer joy, liberation, history, hope, and vulnerability. With ten songs spanning 45 minutes and 22 seconds, “Skin” is a musical odyssey that invites audiences to explore the profound connection between personal stories and the broader political landscape.

Maddie Morris is poised to make an even more significant impact with “Skin,” solidifying their place as a trailblazer in the evolving folk music landscape. Echoing the sentiment of second-wave Feminism’s “the personal is political,” Maddie’s work is a significant addition to the folk music landscape, capturing the essence of their unique perspective and commitment to making a positive impact through their art.

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