Australian pop experts Cub Sport release the silky number “Replay”

Australian quartet Cub Sport share their latest glossy pop cut “Replay”. A formulated house track that injects the elegance of synth-pop with rippling bass patterns, the track is a must listen from the band who’s expertise is explore in an abundance.

An intense moment of sonic heaven, “Replay” is a rich soundscape dripping in pop sheen. From vocals to electronic embellishments, the single is perfectly silky from every possible angle, making it an addictive cut. With a seriously cool undertone of dance euphoria throughout “Replay”, it’s rising sonics and efferevescent stylings leave listeners uplifted. Touching on the themes of wants and needs, the track is simply one of Cub Sport’s best to date.

“‘Replay’ is about moving forward. Feelings aren’t as simple as we sometimes make out – you can long for something and not want it at the same time, you can love something but outgrow it,” says Nelson. “I think it’s about shifting from longing for something to feeling free. But it also doesn’t have to be that deep – It’s a fun pop song and that’s how I want it to be enjoyed too.”

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