Beauty Queen returns with new single “Two of Us” [Video]

Following the release of “Sweet Dreams” in February, Los Angeles’ Beauty Queen returns with another dreamy, Tennis-produced indie pop track “Two of Us.” Singer Katie Iannitello has been generally uninterested in the sounds of contemporary pop trends, opting instead to blend the pop sounds of previous decades. “Two of Us” blends 50’s and 60’s feel, and Beauty Queen’s characteristic retro synths shine on this new track, bopping blithely along as Iannitello declares “it’s just the two of us, honey.”

The release of the single is accompanied by a fun, surreal music video that playfully turns the track’s lyrics on its head, following the journey of two carefree forest Sasquatches who shave their mossy exteriors for a night of anonymity in Los Angeles, pursued by a bumbling hunter. The song and video are further evidence of Beauty Queen’s unique approach to indie pop, marrying pleasant, untroubled melodies with clever twists and irreverent depths that aren’t immediately apparent on first listen.

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