DJ Cheeseburger and OkDeazy team up for “Fall n Love”

Los Angeles-based artist DJ Cheeseburger and Okdeazy team up on “Fall n Love,” released by Dj Cheeseburger LLC. The song delivered a unique sound with hard-hitting 808s, crispy hi-hats, and melodic vocal melodies.

The most recent release of “Fall n Love” with DJ Cheeseburger is the perfect follow-up of his recently released single, “Me Too,” featuring Chefboy.

In “Fall n Love,” DJ Cheeseburger and Okdeazy brought a different dynamic to the song with an infectious rhythm and hard-hitting club beat, offering a fuller and more exciting listening experience. OkDeazy’s range is showcased impeccably as he sings, raps, and does whatever he wants quickly and on top of the hard-hitting production. With so much heat on tap, it’s undeniable that DJ Cheeseburger has made a name for himself as one of the most celebrated up-and-comers on the scene.

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