Beck Pete returns with confident new single “BITE DOWN”

Los Angeles based Beck Pete has made a name for herself with her emotional songwriting, unapologetically candid delivery and irresistible melodies. Her latest single “BITE DOWN” is just another alt pop anthem off of her upcoming album Scared Of Everything.

With “BITE DOWN”, Beck Pete has written a song all about extremes. Human nature often resides in the black and white of experiences and emotions and not in the grey and with “BITE DOWN” Pete shares a single all about this oscillation before ultimately embracing the disparity. Lyrics including, “maybe there’s a place for me / somewhere in the middle baby / maybe I could drift between / a little bit of sane and crazy / been both lately / changes daily,” reinforce the theme of contrast. Musically, “BITE DOWN” is a cathartic mix of heightened melodies, soul-baring vocals and driving bass. Beck Pete has once again written a musical catharsis that all the world needs to hear.

Beck Pete broke onto the musical scene with her 2018 release “Gently Break It”. Blending pop, soul, gospel and rock, the artist is making a name for herself with her seductive and important musical releases. Take a listen to “BITE DOWN” now and add the song to your favorite playlist.

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