Berlin-based duo Two Lanes return with synth tapestry “Movement”

With another captivating new track, “Movement”, Berlin-based brother duo TWO LANES have entranced their audience. The song takes listeners on an immersive sonic journey, beginning with a resonating kick drum and delicate synth progressions. As the bassline emerges, a tapestry of auditory elements seamlessly blend into the mix. The intricate fusion of chilling effects and dreamy instrumental layers within “Movement” induces a profound sense of relaxation and introspection among its listeners. TWO LANES keeps the momentum alive by guiding the song towards a thrilling drop that features a gritty-sounding arpeggiator.

Coming from a musical background, it is evident that the duo has poured meticulous attention into the sound design of this track. It takes the listener on a melodic journey – skillfully building tension throughout the production. TWO LANES, an electronica duo, artfully combines acoustic piano recordings, analogue synthesizers, and minimal beat elements to craft their distinctive sound.

“Movement” serves as their final single before the highly-anticipated release of their album, Duality, which is set to drop on June 16th, 2023. Fans eagerly await the unveiling of this exciting musical project.

The two comment on their new single, “‘Movement’ is part of our live set and we have played it out many times throughout our tour last year. It is always one of our favorite moments when we perform it because some parts offer room for improvisational moments where we can play a synth voice and effects live. These more ”open” and spacial parts then lead into an energetic drop with a gritty sounding arpeggiator. This track is more on the clubby side of things and shows a different sonic spectrum on the album. It is also the last single before our debut album will be out.”

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