Berlin-based songwriter and producer AŸA shares emotive new single “GREENLIGHT”

Experimental pop artist AŸA returns with her soulful and unique style on new single “Green Light”. A simple and melodic showcase of the talented artists production style and songwriting guile, it’s a track that puts the artists vocals centre-stage, with clean production techniques forming the foundation of her approach.

AŸA, also known as Avia Shoshani, is a Berlin-based self-taught singer-songwriter, producer, and artist. Drawing from her Moroccan and Yemeni roots, she infuses her compositions with a captivating blend of contemporary pop and R&B melodies. Amidst a backdrop of political and personal turmoil during her upbringing, AŸA channels her experiences into powerful musical storytelling, offering a poignant and authentic voice. With a diverse repertoire, she has graced renowned stages worldwide, from Eurovision to arenas and intimate clubs.

AŸA explains the inspiration behind the new single – “As an abused child I fought all my adult life, my attraction to danger & drama in relationships. With over 200 hours of therapy I found out how easily I could throw myself under the bus for someone else, without setting any boundaries to protect me.

“Greenlight” is just a monologue , a piece of mind I put out of my chest to make sure we all know where I am standing and who (still figuring out) I am.”

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