Bess Atwell shares a powerful vignette from her childhood on “The Weeping”

Brighton-based artist Bess Atwell shares a powerful vignette from her childhood on “The Weeping,” which leans into her penchant for capturing the nuance of human experience. Delving into growing up alongside her sister who has severe autism, the stunning track draws parallels between her sister and herself.

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A tender production led by minimal yet impactful instrumentation, the track is nostalgic and potent as it pulls us Atwell’s carefully crafted sonic world that’s as vulnerable as it is soothing.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, “I knew The Weeping was in me, I just wasn’t sure when it would decide to come out. I only knew I was writing it when I got to the second verse and realised I finally had a vantage point. My younger sister is autistic, the kind of non-verbal autism that requires 24/7 care, and this track is mostly about what it was like to grow up with her. The Weeping explores the parallels between me and my sister which is more interesting when you consider that I wrote it before I found out that I’m also autistic, this year – albeit, in a far less debilitating, disabling way.”

Having marked herself as one of Britain’s most assured young voices with her new album Always, Already,Atwell’s clear vocals and raw lyrical depth continues to deliver profound introspection and healing on each new offering.

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