Blaire Davie journeys through self-discovery and triumph on ‘It’ll Be Lovely’

Scottish artist Blair Davie offers a profound odyssey of self-discovery and epiphany on new EP It’ll Be Lovely, weaving through the intricacies of identity and emotional turbulence within a warm and lively alternative-pop sound.

Encapsulating personal highs and lows of their life in the last year, sweeping from a beautiful yet gut-punching long-distance relationship to coming out as non-binary, the collection of songs is steeped in both powerful self-discovery and the emotional upheaval.

Opening with ethereal production “Found My Person,” which exudes a mystical and delicate aura with its gentle percussion and soothing vocal tones, the EP immediately immerses us in the authentic and heartfelt core that Davie as built into their artistry.

Next, “To Miss You,” beautifully portrays a long-distance relationship, blending a mellow rhythm with calm vocals and passionate lyrics.The theme of love stretches on in way or another through the production as “Lovely,” shifts the tempo with a spirited journey into embracing your true selves and genuine happiness.

The empowering and self-love-laden mood lingers as Davie delves deep into the struggle against anxiety and the triumphant emergence from its grip on closing number “Edge Of A Feeling,” which combines a powerful message and a groove that gets us moving along.

Uplifting in parts, comforting in others and vulnerable in various crevices, the EP has been crafted as a cathartic attempt for Davie to learn to love themselves and as solace for anyone tuning in.

With a bold yet emotive musicality that explores everything from self-acceptance and bisexuality to anxiety, loss, heartbreak, and the innate beauty of life, Blair Davie shines as a beacon of vulnerability and authenticity in a world that often craves honesty above all else.

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