Heather Mae pens joyous LGBTQ+ anthem “Kissing Girls” [Video]

Nashville based versatile and genre-defining singer-songwriter Heather Mae has just released her latest irresistible single. Called “Kissing Girls”, the song is shared alongside a fun-loving music video.

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With “Kissing Girls”, Heather takes the listener back to our teenage years and those first kisses and party sleepovers. The song features lyrics all about her own experience with falling for other women as well as realizing she is bisexual. The track also touches upon how important it is for visibility and how many young adults are discriminated against for their sexuality especially in the southern US states or evangelical church. She sings, “Cause I’ve been kissing girls / As long as I’ve been kissing boys / It doesn’t have to be either or / I’m not hiding anymore,” showing that she is ready to embrace her sexuality despite what others may say. Musically, “Kissing Girls” features shimmery synths and saccharine vocals along with a powerful and catchy hook. The bridge is filled with gospel inspired vocals and adds a unique twist to the enthralling track. In the music video, Heather is seen enjoying a house party with her loved one and friends. The video shows a variety of people having a great time and embracing their true selves.

Heather Mae is an activist and musical mastermind. The singer, musician and songwriter teamed up with acclaimed creators Mae, Lollies, Marshall Biever, Liv Lombardi, and Piper Payne among others for this standout track. Check out “Kissing Girls” now and get excited for PRIDE.

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