BLAME BO$ANOVUH and Nobody The Initiate team up on “Hump Day’ (The1wāê)”

Long Island-hailing talents BLAME BO$ANOVUH and Nobody The Initiate team up on “Hump Day’ (The1wāê),” balancing mellow vibes with catchy beats and hook-laden verses for a complex but minimal production that hits the spot for any hip-hop and R&B lover.

Blending evergreen rap sensibilities with a pleasing sonic signature of laid-back flow the track is melodic and anthemic all at once, balancing an upbeat mood with an introspective touch within its captivating alt-hip-hop artistry.

The layered number which channels BLAME’s penchant for collaboration alongside his natural ability to channel simple contemplations into thoughtful and infectious productions, both acts are taking the Long Island music scene to greater heights with each new release including BLAME’s new EP.

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