MOSAICS dive into mental wellbeing in busy urban life on “Tears on the Underground”

Rising four-piece MOSAICS ruminates on themes of mental wellbeing amidst busy urban environments on “Tears on the Underground,” which weaves the positive energy of indie-rock together with a thoughtful message on quiet internal struggles in public settings.

Led by an energetic rhythm section that blends into glittering guitars and lush notes of the saxophone, the soaring track is elevated by the mix of infectious main vocals and choir-like backing, which leaves us with an earworm melody that stays with us long past the final notes.

Speaking of the track, the band say, “This song was inspired by the awkward silence of passengers towards an individual visibly struggling on the tube. Is everyone too busy, or do they just not know what to say? Maybe this person wants to be left alone? Who knows. Everyone at one moment in their life at least has had their own struggles whilst on public transport.”

Fusing the best of the 90s rock revival with all the shine of contemporary indie, MOSAICS have established a trademark blend of observational, fuzzy tones and anthemic choruses that continue to pull music lovers around the world into their uplifting yet reflective world.

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