BoyW1DR is back and he’s “Shining”

The Dublin based rapper and singer-songwriter BoyW1DR first established his name in the last year with some monstrous singles like “Spaceman” and his debut EP Irish Wonderboy. After joining up with the stacked FaR Collective roster, the world is legitimately BoyW1DR’s oyster. The release of  his latest single “Shining” is further proof as to why he is one to watch. 

BoyW1DR has become known for his ear for catchy melodies and top tier lyricism. The rhythmic guitar and trap-infused drums found in “Shining” lay a perfect backdrop for BoyW1DR to pen one of his most interesting releases yet. The juxtaposition between the braggadocios lyrics and the laid back instrumentation is something to behold here. He switches from crooning and singing to spitting bars on this one with masterful transitions. The unapologetic rapper makes it look effortless and it leaves the listener beyond impressed. The catchy hook just glides in and out around the verses which takes you on a sweet melodic journey. This is the work of a master craftsman in the art form of hip-hop. BoyW1DR has presented a very urban style track in a very digestible way and has made it easy listening for everyone. 

BoyW1DR is on the radar of most people in Ireland but it’s only a matter of time until the world catches on. I’d highly recommend jumping on this while you can before “Wonderboy” takes off. 

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