Brooke Alexx crafts a charming world in “Stole My Heart” [Video]

Great concepts are what life is all about: a beautiful alternate world where we exchange our hearts in courtship? Yup, Nashville’s Brooke Alexx dreamt it in the video for her new single “Stole My Heart,” and so it be. Not only does “Stole My Heart” tell a charming-tragic story about missing a vital part of one’s self, but it is also stacked with the type of pop production that is worthy of the Nashville tag. Sharp choruses, a throbbing beat, and piano chords that hit like memories once locked away escaped, the melody of Alexx is rich oh so rich.

With Nashville being the hotbed of talent that it is, some artists can get lost in the shuffle, but such is not the case for Brooke Alexx, who has been a workhorse for the entirety of her career, this year, in particular, being extra active. “Stole My Heart” and its video, directed by Alexx, present a complete package, and most importantly, a world that you can imagine yourself in. That all-too-familiar emptiness that creeps up on us is sometimes just a missing piece, vital, stolen, or otherwise. That Alexx offers up this alternate universe to accompany the hard-hook pop tune is what makes her stand out.

To complete this video and its literal concept based on the song title, Brooke had to do a bit of splicing: shots that were completed pre-pandemic were joined with the grainy film shots of Brooke in her room during the quarantine. The video is crafted to tell a story that we know well, but it is in its gorgeous sonic textures that we find an artist not so known, spreading her wings, radiating talent, and taking flight with each beat of the drum.

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