Cam Calloway’s “China Blue” is as sublime as the cool night breeze

R&B singer Cameron Calloway is an old soul who channels the spirit of Motown and classic soul music in an effortless manner. This is quite evident once you hit the play button on his new release “China Blue.” The track starts with an ethereal texture that builds into a mellow head nodding piece as the thick bassline and drums kick in. Calloway sure knows his onions and lets the beat breathe for almost a minute before he utters the first words “China Blue” in his unique sultry manner. 

“China Blue” as a song deals with all the emotions we can feel and although the color blue is associated with sadness, in this case, it’s a pupu platter of a range of emotions. The title is a portmanteau of two different but equally delicate elements: China as fine white ceramic material, and the color blue. The track’s themes are deep, brooding on the true purpose of emotions, dreams, and the dynamics that thread the two variables. It’s a beautiful, sensual, and at times melancholic.

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