Casey Conroy's debut EP, 'It's Just Living,' is a breath of fresh air

Casey Conroy's debut EP, It's Just Living, is the sum of shimmering melodies and heartfelt lyrics, with her gentle voice and accompanying visuals elevating it to a truly hypnotic experience. 

Opening with "Start Over," Conroy immediately dives right into her personal struggles, with the chorus simply repeating, "I loved you," landing right in the middle of a cycle that she can't seem to break.  That repetition adds to the urgency, all building into a cathartic ending, setting up the rest of the EP for an indie-pop dream shrouded in hints of heartbreak and rebuilding.

The blending of her more personal lyrics with the dynamic melodies is the perfect juxtaposition. It's an art she's perfected in "Over You" and "Mad." Her vulnerability shines through in her more soft-tempo tracks like "Honest," giving the project more depth. The chilling "As Deep As You Loved Me" is the perfect backbone, a haunting performance that already feels iconic for such a young artist. When she whispers, "Crazy how it all turned out," it feels so personal that it's hard to shake.

Everything comes to a close on the serene "California," a song that radiates the effortless energy of Conroy's work. The track has a unique backstory: the guitar and lead vocal was recorded together outdoors in just one take. In a recent press release, she explains, "It's an ode to the people who have stood by my side while I've followed my dreams."

Casey Conroy's debut EP comes after earning her fanbase with her music videos, "Say It," and "Best Shoes." The Orlando-native is known for the raw transparency that radiates through her entire discography, with her new EP serving as no exception. 

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