Charles Moothart delivers sunny psych rock anthem “One Wish”

LA-based rocker Charles Moothart delivers sunny psych rock anthem “One Wish,” taken from upcoming LP Black Holes Don’t Choke. With mix of jangly guitars and bold vocals, the hypnotic yet powerful production captures a reflection of the album’s core of chaotic love and empowerment within a time of existential turmoil.

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Following the catchy and psychedelic stylings of “Roll,” this new track dials down the fuzzed-out pop sensibilities to offer up something that’s fierce and meditative all at once. With an aim to lift up what positives exist in a world riddled with toxicity and complexity, each track of the album written, recorded, and mixed entirely by Moothart in his Los Angeles studio is a showcase of artistic growth.

With a warm and atmospheric touch that allows his song writing to evolve, the dynamic number offers an enticing peek at the 10-track album that comes to life with apocalyptic and gentle musicality in perfect turns.

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