Starlight Alice shares captivating melodic storm with debut single, “I Swear To God (You’re Never Getting Out)”

Starlight Alice is a UK-based music duo consisting of Jacob Browne and Luke Potter, both of whom have a combined Spotify play count that surpasses 30 million. Their debut single, “I Swear To God (You’re Never Getting Out),” is a unique blend of folk sensibilities, Americana roots, and pop sheen that transcends the boundaries of conventional genres. The track is a musical revelation and a passionate anthem for those grappling with inner demons.

Starlight Alice’s sound is not just an intersection but a crossroads where heartfelt storytelling meets infectious melodies. The duo’s musical prowess is evident in the palpable chemistry they have forged over years of collaboration and successful solo endeavors.

The track’s magnetic pull is due to its rhythmic embrace, prompting an irresistible urge to hit replay. The song is a burst of energy and melody that demands immediate attention.

As Starlight Alice prepares to transition from the studio to the stage in 2024, “I Swear To God (You’re Never Getting Out)” serves as a potent prelude to the sonic journey that awaits. The duo’s unique sound is poised to carve a niche in playlists and leave an indelible mark.

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