Check out Kel-P’s new visuals for “What Have You Done?” [Video]

Grammy award-winning Nigerian superproducer Kel-P is following his own path as he ventures out as an artist with the release of his debut Bully Season Vol. 1. which contained the lead single, “One More Night,”. Not one to rest on his oars, he drops his new single “What Have You Done?” which continues his slew of highly potent dance tracks. The Elements-produced track has a hypnotic percussion-driven groove and exotic organ synth peppered by plucky pads and lush guitar riffs. From the jump, Kel-P has one mission parameter, that is, to keep everyone on the dancefloor. As he said himself, it was important to incorporate as much of his own influence and culture into the track as possible and showcase his roots to the world.

To capture the magnetic synchronization of place to bodies in motion and dance, the video was shot in the heat of an underground party in Lisbon, a city close to Kel-P’s heart. The visual is striking as it makes use of a mix of moody and bright colours at different parts while merging short performance cuts of Kel-P against the cinematic underground party scenes as well.

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He is preparing for his second EP, Bully Season Vol. 2. Stream “What Have You Done?” here

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