C-MO shares new single “SPEND ME” featuring Lili and RADO and unveils new EP ‘APEIRON’

Bulgarian vocalist C-MO recently put out his debut EP APEIRON (meaning “void”), a 5 track project that explores the intricacies of life, love, and the never-ending emotional struggle that binds us together. Anchored on the concept of nothingness, C-MO proceeds to retrospectively analyze these feelings as he comes to terms with and reconciles the past, present, and possibly the future. 

The project starts with the ethereal “PINK DELOREAN“, a song where C-MO transports us in the mix of the action as he leads his partner into the future as they intertwine their bodies with every fiber of their being.

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Leading into the dark trap and haunting pads on “HELLO“, where he teams up with producer Denis Popstoev and vocalist Preyah, listeners are given a blend of moody emotional-laden vibes. Things switch up on “UNDER/GONE”, a mellow summer-tinged jam that’s centered on the good times and sees C-MO basking in the euphoria of good thoughts over TromBobby‘s soulful backdrop. 

The project closes with the hip-hop/soul-infused cut “BROKEN VINYL” and the romantic ballad “SPEND ME”. The former recruits drummer RADO, guitarist Peyotoff, and TromBobby, for heartfelt and insightful storytelling of blossoming love between two individuals, while the latter has London, UK singer Lili and RADO. The record is sublime and exudes classic R&B aesthetics ripe with rich vocal runs and layered melodies that rise to a crescendo in the chorus section.

Stream APEIRON out now

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