Chris Ianuzzi pioneers the future of sound with synth-heavy electronica release “Lonesome Highway Superstar”

In a perpetual state of rapid evolution, NYC Composer Chris Ianuzzi continues to carve his unique path with a heavily original synth-heavy electronica and post-punk hybrid sound. Fearlessly venturing into uncharted creative territories, Ianuzzi not only embraces sonic experimentation but also integrates cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and Dolby Atmos production, into his musical arsenal. The dividends of his bold approach are evident in the success of his AI music video for hris Ianuzzi: Pioneering the Future of Sound with Award-Winning Synth-Heavy Electronica “Lonesome Highway Superstar,” which has garnered acclaim, winning prestigious awards such as Best Electronica at the Japan Indies Music Festival, Best Music Video at Movie Play International, and Best Music Video at Filmnest International. With the immersive visual experience of “Edge of the Earth,” it appears that more accolades are on the horizon.

Ianuzzi’s musical landscape is a captivating blend of apocalyptic undertones and devilish fun, fearlessly embracing the untethered and unknown. His artistic expressions, while provocative, also have the power to divide public opinion, creating a potent allure for those who connect with the underlying message.

The latest offering from this avant-garde creator is a double single featuring the tracks “Distant Suns” and “Wild Side,” playfully dubbed by Ianuzzi as “Apocalypse Cloud Love Songs.” Notably, “Distant Suns” has found a regular spot on The Mike Rogers show on WFMU, broadcasted from Tokyo to audiences around the globe. An instrumental version of the same track graces the airwaves on WFMU’s ‘Sounds From Space.’

Ianuzzi’s fascination with electronic music endured, sparked by the transformative resonance of a Moog synthesizer in a music store—a trigger that resurrected a hallucinogenic childhood memory from a dental procedure.

His formal music training boasts unconventional brilliance, showcased in a memorable performance for the American Society for University Composers. In this avant-garde display, Ianuzzi played a piano using a chisel, rubber wedge, and an ARP 2600, pushing the boundaries of traditional musical expression.

As an Electronic Creative associate with the esteemed Suzanne Ciani and her Electronic Music boutique for Sound Design and Scoring, Ianuzzi contributed to the legendary realm of electronic soundscapes. Collaborative endeavors marked his earlier years, including work alongside luminaries like Vangelis and ex-Tangerine Dream member Peter Baumann. Notably, Ianuzzi played a pivotal role in Billboard chart-topping projects such as “AEIOU” by Freeze and “Way of Life” by The Puppets. It was during this prolific period that he honed his songwriting skills, recording two albums with the band Sluka (Meldac Records) and touring Japan and Europe.

Upon his return to New York, Ianuzzi seamlessly transitioned into scoring for visual media across all platforms. His portfolio expanded to include composing orchestral music for the HBO “Earth to Moon” series and crafting sound design and musical compositions for expansive interactive environments. Through these diverse endeavors, Ianuzzi continued to manifest his creative prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the intersections of electronic music, innovative performance, and multimedia scoring.

For enthusiasts of Electronic Music and those who revel in the sounds of Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross, Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Oneohtrix Point Never, Gary Numan, or John Carpenter, Chris Ianuzzi’s music is a must-listen. Both tracks are being released through Ianuzzi’s own Satellite Symphonics label, showcasing his commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical innovation.

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