WARBLY JETS offers sneak peek of upcoming album on making-of documentary

Alternative duo WARBLY JETS offers a glimpse behind their creative process with a Making Of documentary of their upcoming sophomore album Monsterhouse. Pulling back the curtains on their high-energy, genre-hopping artistry, the pair take listeners along on their musical journey, drawing us to each moment from finalizing the album title and concept to the writing and recording process.

Crafted carefully with the intent to “bring people along for the experience,” without leaving anyone in the dark about the creativity upon which Warbly Jets is founded on, the documentary draws us into the intimacy and humanity that brims within their music as the Los Angeles duo weave their personal lyrical experiences into their polished, infectious soundscapes embedded in the nook of alternative rock and synthpop.

Having recently dropped powerful synth-tinged offering “TMI,” from the album, Samuel Shea and Julien O’neill use the documentary to lay out the growth and evolution of their sound. Exhibiting a marked difference in the creative approach framed by their experimental production and personal lyricism, Monsterhouse is set to placethem in a new era of music.

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