Chris Pidsley brings sunny acoustic magic with new EP 'Daisies'

With a love for acoustic music, singer-songwriter Chris Pidsley has released a warming EP Daisies, certain to thaw even the coldest of hearts. Through a home recording studio approach, his intimate touch on each single brings buckets of authenticity and charm. From the album artwork to the gentle acoustic strums, Daisies brings heaps of comfort like a cosy Sunday afternoon.

His track “Tie Dye T-Shirt” kick-starts the EP with a calming, hazy chord pattern. Entering you into a woozy world, the catchy hook quickly takes a turn, from the dreamland of the first 30 seconds to the slap of drums and upbeat movement. Like a cold splash to wake you up, the track combines all elements throughout the rest of the single, seamlessly giving this record pure, romantic energy. From the trumpet puffs to the steady beat, this is a lovely burst of musical caffeine, perfect for bringing you round from the depths of a sleepy night. 

"Listen To Your Mum" is a beautifully British track. An insight into his upbringing in the UK, Pidsley tells a tongue-in-cheek tale of how his mother always likes to comment on his choices when it comes to love. It turns out, moms are always right. 

His track “Rosie” ends the EP in a cloud of sincerity. Starting with a large deep breath from Pidsley before he dips into his live take, you don’t get rawer than a one-take single, at least that’s how it sounds. Either way, it’s highly absorbing and clear there is so much feeling behind the track. The simple melody sits in your mind doing laps around your tongue, it’s totally memorable and a very playful hook.

If you haven’t checked out Daisies, grab a coffee, put your feet up and enjoy a sunny morning with Chris Pidsley—here to cuddle your ears in acoustic DIY magic.

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