Cimón looks inward on “MAE (Money Ain’t Everything)” [Video]

From YouTube covers as a teen to writing with L.A. heavyweights in no time at all, Swedish singer-songwriter Cimón (fka Simon Samaeng) fast had the world in his palm. After seeing almost immediate success, rather than let the money, power and fame go to his head, he opted for a newfound awareness of what truly matters to him, which in turn inspired his latest, “MAE (Money Ain’t Everything).”

On the surface, it appears to glorify the antithesis of the song and is delivered in a style which is stereotypically known for doing so. Naturally, it’s the opposite and sees his wildly melodic vocals masterfully dance across an almost bling-era inspired, albeit suitably dark production and similarly dark visual. Much of his aesthetic carries a distinct familiarity that’s hard to place, as he cherry-picks against-the-grain elements from across the spectrum, crafting something entirely his own. This is perfectly exemplified by the change of energy for the outro, acoustic drums and a guitar solo complete a song that for the most part sits in an entirely contemporary R&B pocket, and brings it to a formidable live performance inspired crescendo.

Speaking to the track in the email press release, he states that, “lyrics that are full of bullshit, saying that you have a fat gold chain or a hundred girls, have never interested me. My drive comes from my need to constantly create and develop in my music as an artist.” “MAE (Money Ain’t Everything)” is the third installment of Cimón’s matured musical story, and we’re excited for what’s next.

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