Cindy Zhang seeks something “Familiar”

Asian American singer/songwriter Cindy Zhang‘s newest release: “Familiar” is a smooth retro-inspired City Pop jam that explores sentimentality and love. The production has that classic nostalgia-inducing richness of the 80s and early 90s with its clean synth pads, punchy bass-driven grooves, and soulful keys and leads. Over this, Cindy explores the emotional rollercoaster that comes with holding on to the past with lines like

Cause loving you feels so familiar /I keep chasing after something similar /Can’t seem to fight my bad habits /When they smell just like your old jacket“.

As the title suggests, she basks in the familiarity of comfort and the emotional solace it gives her. It’s a nostalgic anthem from her third album, with lyrics about clinging to past love, perfect for those who are sentimental and love the past.

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