Cochise musters inner Nen user in new TURN IT UP music video

The weeb rapper takes inspiration from one of the most well-known and beloved anime series for his new music video.

The Palm Beach rapper has never been shy of showcasing his love for anime in his music. Songs like “Usopp”, “SANJI”, and “Zoro” from last year’s Benbow Crescent are highly inspired by the current greatest shonen series in serialization.

Cochise is a character with many comical attributes. His Tik Tok announcement for his upcoming project is a skit based on the legendary “Painting with Bob Ross” series, but his current video for “TURN IT UP” demonstrates the rapper’s capability of blending strong visual elements with the whimsical passion for fiction.

The video clearly takes inspiration from the famous ‘requiem” scene from Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter.

The scene, first showcased in the 1999 anime but was repopularized with the 2011 adaptation from Studio Madhouse.

At first glance, TURN IT UP is another fun, consistent Cochise branded product. One filled with fast high hats, fast-moving transitional close-ups, and bright vibrant lights. There is a deeper meaning to take from the Hunter x Hunter imagery.

It was announced just last month that Hunter x Hunter would return to serialization and after a four-year hiatus, fans are beyond overjoyed. “TURN IT UP” pays homage to the beloved series, while also signifying Cochise’s return with a new project, a new sound, and new reasons to be excited.

The end of the video sees Cochise reflecting on the same aspects of the “requiem” scene. Looking over a city he is sure to bring chaos to.

Stream the new video out now.

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