Cornelius Eady Trio presents a powerful EP ‘Withstand’

The latest EP from the Cornelius Eady Trio, entitled Withstand, is a poignant and powerful work of art. It skillfully blends acoustic prowess with lyrical depth to create a moving exploration of our society’s ongoing transformation. The EP’s standout track, “Withstand,” is a haunting ballad that speaks to the dismantling of familiar norms and values.

Featuring the exceptional talents of Cornelius Eady on vocals, Charlie Rauh on acoustic guitar, and Lisa Liu on piano, “Withstand” is a masterful collaboration that defies categorization. The song’s profound lyrics are woven seamlessly into its evocative melodies, creating a profoundly moving listening experience. The EP as a whole takes listeners on a sonic journey, beginning with the introspective “Your Freedom,” moving through the soul-stirring “Living With A Stranger” and the thought-provoking “Crazy Bible,” and culminating in the heart-wrenching masterpiece “Withstand.”

Despite its brief 20-minute runtime, “Withstand” is a work of staggering emotional intensity. It captures the zeitgeist of a world in flux, inviting listeners to grapple with the delicate balance between resilience and vulnerability. Charlie Rauh’s guitar work is sublime, while Lisa Liu’s piano adds layers of texture and nuance to the EP’s sound.

The Cornelius Eady Trio is an authentic tour de force, with each member contributing their unique talents to the project. Cornelius Eady’s soulful vocals are the perfect vehicle for the EP’s emotional themes, while Charlie Rauh’s guitar work and Lisa Liu’s keyboard artistry are stunning. “Withstand” is a powerful reflection of our collective consciousness, a musical mirror that invites us to reflect on the world around us and find solace in the beauty of artistic expression.

In short, “Withstand” is a work of art that speaks to the human experience in a way few other careers can. The Cornelius Eady Trio has created something extraordinary with this release, and it’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates music that is both thought-provoking and profoundly moving.

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