Cory Singer shares feel-good track “Long Time Coming”

New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Cory Singer uplifts us with his blend indie sonics and inspiring lyrics on feel-good production “Long Time Coming, diving into moments of creative dissatisfaction with vulnerability while still evoking optimism within us.

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Drawing inspiration for this song from iconic artists like Frank Sinatra, the track blossoms with elements of gospel and piano, coupled with his vocal prowess to offer up epic and soul-stirring listening experience.

Exuding a powerful message of hope and determination that transcends borders, Singer takes us on an immersive and emotive journey framed by captivating instrumentals and poetic song lyrics that lend to a sense of triumph.

 With the track marking another milestone in his illustrious career, Singer who has been equally recognized for musical endeavours and his advocacy work continues to carve out an impressive space for himself in music.

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