Cosmorat deliver buoyant single “Backseat Baby”

London-based US outfit Cosmorat deliver buoyant single “Backseat Baby,” led by bouncy rhythms and high energy vocals that come together for an anthem that pays ode to  being young and bored.

Delving into themes of petty crimes and classism, the track has us tapping our feet along as they stack vocal lines and breakbeats to make for a vibrant yet atmospheric vibe.

Conjuring up vivid images of kids doing nothing in a parking lot getting bullied by cops, the song writing is simple and straight to the point, the catchy instrumentation and singalong lyrics making this an earworm that you’re reaching to play on loop.

Having spent the last few years honing a distinct and groovy signature sound for themselves, Cosmorat are all set to introduce themselves to the indie-rock scene, leaving us excited for their upcoming project.

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