Gaël Farny drops genre-bending groovy number “Never Be Like You”

Strasbourg-based performer Gaël Farny blend elements of rock, dance and ska to offer up energetic number “Never Be Like You,” led by roaring guitars, powerful synths and pop-soaked vocals, broken by hard-hitting drums to craft an infectious but understated groove.

The textured production which infuses touches of his reggae origins into genre-bending layers of instrumentation draws us in and immerses us from beginning to end, delving into a sense of belonging.

Speaking of the message behind the track, he says, “I wrote this song in order to talk about how important it is to know where we belong, where our place is, where we should be right now. It’s a key question. If you don’t know the answer, all other efforts are a waste of time.”

Having started his musical journey as part of ska/reggae band Xaymacaand then moving onto carving his space in the live circuit as part of reggae outfit Loka System, Farny has honed an anthemic and expansive sound capable of striking a chord with anyone listening.

Kicking off 2023 with his irresistible new offering “Never Be Like You,” he turns up the anticipation for forthcoming EP Mansfeelings, which looks set to be a warm project that will see him win more hearts.

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