Cristina Hart’s new EP “Sell a Dream” is an unapologetic display of self

Switzerland born, London based poignant pop talent Cristina Hart has carefully crafted an eloquent EP that puts all her faults on the table in a raw and relatable way. Sell a Dream is a dazzling offering that captures us with sincere vulnerability. 

Commencing with “I’m a Mess” this intoxicating track exudes a bold honesty. The tune touches on some of her shortcomings such as anxiety, low self-esteem and indecisiveness. Hart soulfully sings, “Smile through the pain, drink in my hand.” Though she bares it all in song, she also admits at times she tries to appear as if everything is fine, which is something many of us can connect with. Her masterful lyrics even nod to the EP’s title saying, “don’t you think I’ve tried, to show my vulnerable side, but it’s easier to sell a dream.”

“Bad Girlfriend” keeps the fresh vibes going with entrancing snaps and penetrating, passionate vocals. The song is a tale of trying to be a good partner for someone, but not being able to give them your all. It is about the hope that they can accept you the way you are.

Things slow down with the finisher “Will You”, originally written by Hart’s boyfriend for her eighteenth birthday. The tender track showcases gentle piano and deep, emotive vocals. The stunning release details a longing to remain close to someone despite life’s ups and downs. This is a beautiful end to an astonishing EP.

Hart reveals in a statement, “in these songs, I had laid all my imperfections out in the open and as a result they don’t have the same control over me they once did. This EP taught me that imperfections aren’t flaws; they’re what make you entirely human.” Check out the intimacy of Sell a Dreamnow.

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