Roni Bar Hadas takes us into the “Mood” [Video]

Tel Aviv-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Roni Bar Hadas was born into a musical family and at a young age, she was able to use it as an outlet and therapy. Her creative journey started in the classical arena and over time she carved her own path infusing her original sound into her classical training. After playing alongside different bands in festivals across Isreal, she released her debut album Calm the Beast in late 2020 which garnered her enormous buzz across her home country.

Roni is currently working on her sophomore album and in the interim, she shares her new single “Mood” and its accompanying visuals. The record has a classic pop aesthetic with its retro-tinged summer aesthetic made up of bright guitar riffs, soulful textures and a soft drum groove to match. Underpinned by Roni’s sultry vocal runs, the record digs deep into her desire to break free from shame, fear and personal trauma and enter a more liberated state of mind. The progression is subtle and slowly builds up from the verses into the gripping chorus.

The visuals also add an extra layer to the record with its dreamy and playful storyboarding and set pieces that focus on Roni and a group of friends enjoying a festive picnic. The fusion of smooth-cut scenes and performance shots also helps accentuate the theme of the song and it’s as if we are transported into her world.

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