Dai Burger delivers a vibrant single “Whole A$$ Mood (W.A.M.)” [Video]

Dai Burger is making waves in New York City’s vibrant queer rap scene with the release of her latest confident anthem, ‘Whole A$$ Mood (W.A.M.).’ As the lead single off her upcoming EP ‘Dai Dreamin’, dropping in February 2024, this track showcases Dai’s smooth flow and bold lyrics celebrating self-love.

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Over an infectious trap beat Dai exudes effortless charisma while proclaiming herself a whole vibe. Her lines are clever yet conversational as she asserts her self-worth and relishes her carefree lifestyle, and the sound is vibrant and assured – perfectly capturing Dais’s essence.

The music video is just as striking as the song itself. Decked out in stylish athleisure wear and colorful balaclavas, Dai and her squad dance and cruise around the city in a convertible. The visuals radiate confidence and unbounded joy. As Dai takes the spotlight, it’s clear she’s an artist to keep on your radar.

This first video is merely a taste of what’s to come. It is the opening chapter in a tripartite visual journey tied to the ‘Dai Dreamin’ EP that will cement Dai’s status as an exciting up-and-comer within the diverse musical landscape.

Stream Dai Burge’s ‘Whole A$$ Mood (W.A.M.)‘ on Spotify.

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