Dancing the Conga share a playful, emotive new single “The Car”

Returning with some of their most emotive and powerful work to date, Norwegian outfit Dancing the Conga take us on a captivating journey with their latest single, “The Car,” the second release from their new EP. Hailing from Oslo, this trio’s music is an exquisite blend of melancholy and joy.  Parntnered with a joyous music video with a great DIY Aesthetic, “The Car” presents a sonic landscape that feels like a 60’s “Free Love” reverie, with its acoustic, chilled approach and dreamy synths.

The song’s lyrics delve into themes of friendship, love, and romance, crafting a story of borrowing a beloved car to chauffeur the love of your life on a date with your best friend. DTC’s ability to convey both joy and doubt within their music adds a unique depth to the emotions explored in the song.

DTC’s collective approach, where each member contributes to vocals and lyrics, shines through in the intricate layers of “The Car.” Øyvind Skjerdal, Henrik Lillehaug, and Gudmund Guren form a trio that exudes thoughtfulness, care, and love in their musical craftsmanship.

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