Dasha unveils honest and catchy debut album ‘What Happens Now?’

Emerging Nashville-based musician Dasha blends her California roots with authentic songwriting and her vulnerable delivery on candid country debut album, What Happens Now?, showcasing her witty lyricism and a distinct musical touch.

From focus track “Austin,” going viral with her iconic line dance to offering a blend of the familiar with previous releases as well as a boost of freshness on four new songs, Dasha has unveiled an intricate sonic world that journeys through themes of heartbreak and longing led by a powerful artistry.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the project, she says, “ “What Happens Now?” came from a single line in my notes ‘What happens now that we’re older?’ I took the concept to Louis Castle in a session this past summer and I told him I really wanted to write a huge banjo song but that’s all I knew.”

Having established herself as a force to be reckoned with, Dasha continues to scale new heights with her new collection, earning impressive accolades with her seamless blend of catchy melodies and thoughtful lyricism.

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