Deadbeat Girl dives into letting yourself be ill-treated in a relationship on “She Loves Me”

South Florida-raised, NYC-based alt-indie act Deadbeat Girl explores a painful relationship on “She Loves Me,” capturing a situation where someone doesn’t treat you well but you let them get away blinded by the feeling that “they are lovely” and that they still care for you.

With a soft, acoustic guitar-led instrumentation backdropping her gentle yet emotional vocals, the track sees the rising musician shifts from the anthemic and empowering style she showcases previously into something more vulnerable and soulful.

At only 19, musician and multi-instrumentalist Valentina Olson under the moniker of Deadbeat Girl manages to channel plenty of lyrical maturity and serene sonic styling into her genre-blended craft which skirts past various genres while holding a  penchant for 90’s grunge era rock and early 2000’s pop rock.

Crafted to be a source of comfort in moments of hardship, the track encapsulates Olson’s growing confidence as she settles into a hopeful yet heartfelt trademark artistry. Having learned guitar, piano, and bass and being accepted into NYU’s music program at 17, this act who established her potential with her debut single “Another Day,” is currently working on her debut EP is one watch keeping on your radar.

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