Derek Minor tells us that life is “Fair” when we give it our all [Video]

Nashville, Tennessee’s own Derek Minor releases a motivational new visual called “Fair,”  filled with inspirational lyrics and upbeat sounds.

Derek Minor is multi-talented and has been in the music scene for many years. Dropping numerous albums and mixtapes, one of his albums Redemption made it on the Top 10 Billboard charts for gospel music. Being heavily tied into Christian hip-hop, this was enormous for him. Although “Fair” is not completely religious, Derek does not fail to use his intense wordplay to mention God and tell us that he wouldn’t be anywhere without the higher power, such as when he says “I don’t deserve the blessings/ But God, He just be flexing/.”
Directed by Will Thomas, the visual further shows the light shining down on him, which is intelligently done, as it is symbolic for the higher power giving Derek his blessings; once again, this is parallel to the wordplay above. It is clear that Derek Minor’s lyricism is exceptional as he spills his raw emotions and in turn, inspires others to look within and find the gems that they possess, such as when he raps “Never had a lot of money so I used my brain.” Minor’s voice projects strongly, allowing his messages to really pierce through the speakers and land straight to our ears. The inspiration coupled with the upbeat sounds, including a choir-like background, really paints a beautiful story of someone who has overcome the struggle and is determined to keep winning. 
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